Snapgraph is a visualizer of your friends on a social mobile app called SnapChat. It lets you explore your connections in an interactive and visual way, producing some interesting results.

Search your SnapChat name in Snapgraph, and click the nodes to keep exploring. The distance and color between the nodes represents how frequently two people interact through SnapChat.

We built this during the PennApps 48-hour hackathon as an excuse to learn how to develop highly interactive web apps. Check out what HackCville has to say.

The front-end is a combination of Twitter Bootstrap, d3, and express.

The server is written in node.js on Heroku. We used mongodb as our database.

SnapChat has no open APIs to access top friends, so we scraped their HTML using to create our own handy open-sourced endpoints.

Jan 24, 2013

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