Intro to Haskell

Haskell is a programming language that changes the way you think. Unlike most languages you’ve seen before, Haskell is strongly typed, lazily evaluated, and purely functional. The beauty of this language comes from its supportive community, idealistic views, and mathematical foundations.

During the Spring of 2013 at the University of Virginia, I lectured a 12-week course titled CS 1501: Introduction to Haskell. Over 60 students had enrolled, with majors ranging from Computer Science to Econ to the Classics. There was a substantial online following as well, with over 1200 students signed-up through the class website.

The class website was visited by around 30,000 unique visitors from around the world.

More than 140 countries took a peek at these Haskell lectures.


This class was featured on the University of Reddit blog, as well as on HackCville’s blog.

Thank you for supporting me for these 12 weeks. It has been incredible.


Apr 21, 2013


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