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The Gradework Android app is a tool to manage homework, grades, and GPA in high-school or college. It supports adding reoccurring homework items such as weekly reminders to turn in problem sets. It also allows quick access to all upcoming homework items from all classes enrolled. Additionally, the user can change the predicted grades of his or her classes to see how it would directly affect his or her GPA.

I made this Android app purely out of necessity. My courses were becoming very involved and I needed a way to organize myself, so I decided to make an app to solve just that problem.

The code is open sourced on GitHub.

I experimented with many UI elements throughout the application. Below is a list of significant examples.

Quick Edits

To be efficient with screen real-estate and minimize dialog boxes I used a ‘pencil’ icon to signify an edit action in a list-view.

When pressed the text instantly changes to an edit box as seen below:

The original ‘pencil’ button turns into a ‘plus’ sign signifying an add/save.

Packed List Item

I played around with list-views further by packing as much information as I possibly could in one list item:

In the above image, one list item contains information about homework priority, homework title, homework due-date, whether it’s completed, and what day of the week it’s due.

Gallery as Chooser

I hacked around with the Gallery spinner in Android, which is typically used for displaying photos. I used the Gallery as an item picker, more specifically as a grade chooser.

By swiping left or right on the yellow, the letters change. The square in the middle is an overlapping semi-transparent image that stays in the same spot to guide item chosen.

These are just some of the hacks and features. Download the app for yourself to see more.

March 9, 2012

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